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General Information

Trichy is officially known as Tiruchirapalli and also sometimes called as Tiruchi. The historically important city is situated in Tamil Nadu state of India. The city has been ruled by different rulers over a period of time, most significant among them being the Cholas, Pandyas, Nayaks, Vijayanagar Empire rulers and the British who enriched its art and culture to a great extent. Famous Carnatic War was fought between the British and the French at Trichy. The city now has developed as a great center for learning and is one of the most important industrial hubs of Tamil Nadu.

Tiruchirapalli city is spread over an area of 146.7 sq km and is nestled between the plains of Shevaroy Hills and Palni Hills, on the head of Cauvery Delta. The city has very fertile alluvial soil deposits. Trichy experiences hot and dry weather for at least two third parts of the year. Temperature remains moderate between August to October, interspersed by thunderstorms and heavy monsoon showers. The climate remains balmy and cool from November to February, which is the best season to visit Trichy.

Tourist attractions in Trichy

Rockfort Temple : It is the most prominent landmark and a major attraction of Tiruchirapalli for the tourists and pilgrims. The temple is situated on a high rock which can be approached by scaling a fleet of steps. It consists of many temples, the prominent ones being Uchchi Pillayar, Thayumaanavar and Maanikka Vinaygar. You can admire the bird's eye view of Trichy from the top of the temple.

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple : The majestic temple is located 8 km off Trichy and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is considered to be one of the holy abodes of Lord Vishnu or the Bhooloka Vaikundam. Non Hindus are not allowed entry into the golden topped sanctum sanctorum of the temple.

Jambukeshwara Temple : The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is just one kilometer from Ranganathaswamy Temple. It represents one of the five Panch Bhoota Kshetras or five elements of the universe viz. water, earth, fire, air and ether.

St. Joseph Church : The old church is located near Teppakulam in the heart of the town. It was built in the year 1792 with the support of a British Garrison Officer. St. Joseph College and High School are located within the precincts of the church that produced some highly distinguished personalities of India including the former presidents of India viz. APJ Abdul Kalam and R Venkataraman.

Other attractions of Trichy are:

  • Puliyancholai Falls
  • Mukkombu
  • Samayapuram Amman Temple
  • Vayalur Murugan Temple
  • Kallanai Dam
  • Vekkaliamman Temple
  • Gunaseelam Vishnu Temple
  • Perumal Malai
  • All Saints Church
  • Thablay Aalam Baadsha Dargah
Getting There

By Air : Tiruchirapalli International Airport is located at Chembattu, 5 km off the city from where you can board in the flights for Thailand, Singapore, Dubai, Kuala Lampur, Sri Lanka, Mumbai, Chennai etc.

By Train : Tiruchirapalli Railway Station is well connected with other prominent cities of the region viz. Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, Bangalore, Kochi, Madurai, Delhi, Tirunvelveli, Coimbatore etc.

By Road : There is excellent bus connectivity between Trichy and Chennai. Government and private bus service is also available for nearby cities of Tamil Nadu and other neighboring states.

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