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Lakshadweep City Guide

Climate In Summer : 35 C (Max) - 22 C (Min)
In winter : 32 C (Max) - 20 C (Min)
Rainy Season : June - August
Best time to visit : August - March

Lakshadweep City is the smallest union territory of India with 32 sq. km area and consists of a group of islands in the Arabian Sea. Andrott, Amini, Agatti, Bitra, Chetlat, Kadmath, Kalpeni, Kavaratti, Kiltan and Minicoy are the top most islands of Lakshadweep. These islands form the smallest of the Union Territories of India, and are the country's only coral islands. Coral atolls, the matchless marine environment with myriad colors results in a complex interaction of animate and inanimate things. Kavaratti is the administrative capital of India.

Lakshadweep Tourist Places
Bangaram has facilities for water sports. Swimming, fishing, sailing in glass - bottomed boats, which give enchanting views of the coral below, and yachting are the main attractions.

Kavaratti - It is the administrative capital of India. Kavaratti is beautiful calm lagoon and forms an ideal spot for water sports, swimming and basking on warm sandy beaches. Ujira mosque is one of the famous mosques of Kavaratti with its exotic carvings in wood. Marine life exhibits can be seen at the new marine aquarium. Kayaks and sailing yatch are available on hire and one can also enjoy viewing the exotic marine life through glass bottom boats. Swimming, kayaking, water-skiing, snorkeling and sailing facility is also available in Kavaratti.

Kalpeni - Kalpeni is an island in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep, India. It forms a single atoll along with the uninhabited island of Cheriyam, the Tilakkam and Pitti Inlet. A huge shallow lagoon encloses all of them. A peculiar feature of Kalpeni atoll is the huge storm bank of coral debris along the eastern and southeastern shorelines. It is believed that huge boulders were thrown up during a storm in 1847. Baniyan factory and the lighthouse are main tourist attractions.

Minicoy - It is the southernmost island in Lakshadweep; crescent shaped and has one of the largest lagoons. The island is also very interesting because of its unique Maldivian character.

Agatti : Agatti has one of the most beautiful lagoons in Lakshadweep. The airport is built on this island. Agatti is the virtual gateway to the islands. You get a breath-taking view of the airstrip on the island.

How to reach Lakshadweep

By Air : Two islands Agatti and Bangaram are connected by air from Cochin. Cochin is well connected by most of the Indian and International cities.

By Bus : Lakshadweep islands are mainly connected by cruises. One can reach Lakshadweep using a passenger cruise from Cochin harbor.

Climate : Lakshadweep City has a tropical climate, with summers during March to May have temperatures ranging from 22°C to 35°C. April - May have hottest months with an average temperature around 32°C. In winter's temperature range of 20°C to 32°C. Best time to visit here is from August to March.

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