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Medical Tourism FAQs

Question1 : I had the impression that India, being a Third World country lacks infrastructure to provide specialized health solutions. Please advise.

Answer: India is a booming economy and per capita income of its people is decent by world standards. India has the largest number of graduates in the world and some of the best hospitals and specialists of the world are based in India. With government’s liberal policies on privatization, the pharmaceutical sector of the country has witnessed many sea changes in recent years and you can now get quality treatment at highly competitive prices in the best hospitals of India.

Question 2 : Is India indeed a good place for medical tourism or treatment of chronic diseases.

Answer: People from around the world are coming to India for treatment of their diseases and the number of such visitors is increasing with each passing years. The fact that a large number of people from Asia, Europe and the US visit India every year for treatment of their diseases is a testimony to the fact that India is a good place for medical tourism. Indian doctors frequently visit top notch research centers of the world to update themselves with the latest in medicines and human body treatment. That’s the reason Indian doctors are trusted and valued. Besides all this, cost of treatment in India is much lower than many countries of the world.

Question 3 : I do not want to come to India but just want to get a second opinion about my disease. Is it possible?

Answer: Yes. You just need to pay the required fee (which is around $50) and Holidays Points will select a doctor from its panel who will give you his or her opinion. If you demand, we will send you a brief about the doctor, his qualification, experience and rewards before you decide to get second opinion from him.

Question 4 : How would I pay for the cost of my treatment?

Answer: Holidays Points will arrange your conference with the concerned hospital or doctor directly. We will identify a doctor who could be best suited for you. The doctor will send you all the details about your ailment and the expected cost involved. You will need to pay some advance to the hospital as per norm.

Upon arrival in India, Holidays Points will take care of your boarding and lodging. We will arrange your meeting with the doctor and if need be, also facilitate your hospitalization. Upon successful recovery and on your request, Holidays Points may also plan your itinerary in consultation with you and your doctor.

Question 5 : Do you take any service charge or commission for medical tourism?

Answer: We do not charge anything for facilitating meeting with the doctor. However, we do provide you approximate cost of your treatment after consultation with your hospital/ doctor. If you plan any medical tourism after recovery, that cost will be borne by you.

Question 6: I do not know anyone in India. Being a patient, how would I manage to travel to India and get the services of a specialist?

Answer: You have two options with you:
1. you can take second opinion about your disease without visiting India
2. You come to India for treatment.
If you want second opinion, Holidays Points will ask one of the doctors from its panel to provide you that opinion by fax or mail. In this case, you need not come to India.

However, if you do have to come to India for critical care or medical tourism, we will be taking care of your all concerns. We will arrange visa for you. We will also receive you on the airport and hospitalize you in a hospital of your choice. If you want to travel somewhere in India upon recovery, we will also plant itinerary for you after consultation with your doctor.

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