Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park has many firsts to its credit. It is the largest wildlife sanctuary in Asia and is one of the first Tiger Reserves in India. The sanctuary is a big success story as the number of tigers in it has doubled to those of its 1976 population. The sanctuary is spread over 1945 sq km area and is interspersed with bamboo thickets, dense Sal forests and extensive swathes of grasslands. The sanctuary is located in Satpura range of mountains in Madhya Pradesh. 940 sq km area of Kanha National Park falls in its buffer zone. The sanctuary is home to a stunning spectrum of birds like racquet tailed drongo, golden oriole, crimson breasted barbet and crested hawk eagle which you can watch on a misty winter morning. Tigers, sloth bear, wild dogs, elephants, bison, macaque, porcupines and jungle cat are among the prominent mammalian species of Kanha National Park.


Following main animal species could be spotted in Kanha National Park:

Black buck, tigers, leopards, beers, wolf, fox, hyena, Nilgai, Dhole, swamp deer, gaur, macaque, Barasingha, chital, Langur, wild pig etc.

Reptilian Species

The sanctuary is home to many species of snakes including pythons, rat snakes, kraits, cobras, vipers, grass snakes etc. You can also spot monitor lizards, crocodiles, alligators, tortoise and other amphibian species.


Over 200 species of flowering plants are found in Kanha National Park. Sal tree, bamboo forest and Indian ghost tree Kullu is found everywhere in the sanctuary. The vegetation of the sanctuary is interspersed with green meadows and a variety of wild grass species which are crucial for the survival of Barasingha, deer, chital, Nilgai and other herbivores of the national park. Several varieties of medicinal plants are cultivated at Boda Chhapri village, which is declared as Medicinal Plantation Conservation Area or MPCA.

Elephant Safari : It is a good option to see predatory animals in action from close range. You can view wild animals in their natural habitats during your elephant safaris.

Bamni Dadar : The place is popular among the tourists who gather here in large numbers to have an exhilarating sunset view against the backdrop of rolling hills. You can also spot some rare animal species like the Barking Deer, Four Horned Antelope, Gaur and Sambar here.

Kanha Museum : The museum is a good place to visit. You can collect first hand information about the terrain and animals of Kanha National Park and would leave better informed to explore the wildlife and other attractions of the national park.

Nature Trails : There are several nature trails in Kanha National Park. The trails starting from Chhapri village and Khatia village are most popular among the tourists as you can enjoy viewing a variety of birds and other animals during your trekking of the sanctuary.

How to Reach Kanha National Park?

By Air : Jabalpur Dumna Airport which is 175 km away serves as the main airport for the sanctuary. Dr. Baba Saheb International Airport at Nagpur which is 275 km away is the nearest international airport to Kanha National Park. Raipur Airport is 250 km away.

By Train : Jabalpur railway station (175 km) is the nearest railway station from where you can board in a bus or hire a cab to reach Kanha.

By Road : Madhya Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (MPSRTC) runs daily bus service to Kanha from Jabalpur (175 km), Mukki (25 km) and Raipur (219 km), Kisli and other cities of the state.

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